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Independent science is no longer possibl

This planet is going under, it is poisoned from greed for money and power. Mankind has allowed itself to be bred to stupid, non-thinking livestock of this power elite and is no longer able to recognize and understand simple manipulation. It is coming to an end with this species of humans, which consists of two parts: One part is a minority of very stupid, power-hungry and unscrupulous creatures that sows corpses and destroys this planet. This group has re-bred the mass of people into non-thinking livestock. This can be seen very clearly from the virus staging that is currently taking place, which is an invention, but takes the farmed livestock as truth.

Our intensive studies and investigations have clearly shown that the neuronal networks in the brains of this human species have decreased significantly. For this reason, it is completely futile to try to provide scientific facts if the software in the mind is no longer working and can therefore not be understood.

We are now withdrawing to protect ourselves and our families from this species, because the coming measures, this minority who believe they have power over this planet and everything on it, will also drain the last of the human brain and all human rights abolish. Well, livestock don't need a human rights. This world will soon no longer exist.

This small but powerful group makes, with the help of the money system, the majority of this species so dependent that it was even possible to manipulate their minds so that logical thinking is no longer possible. This species human has been given a wonderful planet, but it is not didn't deserve, because this species is incapable of logical thinking and is destroying both this planet and itself. One thing is certain: This so-called humanity is the stupidest species in this universe.

Good night species human. We, the team at IMA, distance ourselves from this primitive species and declare nothing more than to be part of it.

"Lack of understanding is the most invincible power on earth."

Anselm Feuerbach

"Stupid that mankind is stupid; more stupid that she doesn't see it; stupidest that I am human myself. "

Philip Rosenthal

With that in mind, let's say goodbye to this stupid species and watch it go under, from a safe distance.

Only about 0.4% watch the following video, only 0.2% understand it and only 0.05% act and become human again. With this small number of people who still think logically, the decline of this species cannot be stopped. Nevertheless, this 0.05% should contact us.

This human species, no longer able to think logically and doomed.
This human species, no longer able to think logically and doomed.