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Independent Science

What is science? First and foremost, science should create knowledge, as the name already says. The problem in our time, however, is that science is no longer free. Research costs money and that's why scientists have been bought by interest groups. Certain, industrial interest groups determine science today. That is why today no more knowledge is created than opinion, which is the opinion that gives special interest groups advantages and, above all, profits.

"It is not only that almost all scientific research pursues only profit interests, it is also the case that independent research is fiercely combated by precisely these profit interest groups. Forget almost everything you know from textbooks, everything is manipulated! The world is not what most people think, the world is a big Dung heap to quote Voltaire."

Dr. Dr. Carl Spencer

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What is currently happening and what is going to get worse?

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In the video below, a former representative of one of the largest vaccine manufacturers speaks the truth. But surely the mass of people will not want to know that either, because the masses have already lost their minds.