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Independent Science

What is science? First and foremost, science should create knowledge, as the name already says. The problem in our time, however, is that science is no longer free. Research costs money and that's why scientists have been bought by interest groups. Certain, industrial interest groups determine science today. That is why today no more knowledge is created than opinion, which is the opinion that gives special interest groups advantages and, above all, profits.

"It is not only that almost all scientific research pursues only profit interests, it is also the case that independent research is fiercely combated by precisely these profit interest groups. Forget almost everything you know from textbooks, everything is manipulated! The world is not what most people think, the world is a big Dung heap to quote Voltaire."

Dr. Dr. Carl Spencer

We work differently, but now meaningless, because humanity does not want to understand.

This has been the case so far, but:

"The majority of the ordinary population doesn't understand what's really happening. And she doesn't even understand that she doesn't understand it. "

There is little to add to this quote from Noam Chomsky, (professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Very current:

A fake rules the world and everyone follows this gigantic lie. Our current research has shown that in some countries people suffering from a harmless cold are now being killed in order to increase the death statistics for this virus production. It is ordered to do no more autopsies, even in Europe, that the real cause of death cannot be revealed. Do not you believe? We have very solid evidence from these regions. It started in India, in various African countries and in Southeast Asia. When will this murder primzip come to Europe, or is it already happening? It is currently very dangerous to seek medical treatment if you only have a cold. Why was this virus lie invented as a respiratory infection? Because coughing, runny nose, heavy breathing, throat and body aches are the most common symptoms of a weak immune system and can therefore be called a viral infection at will. A clever trick to do something about reducing humanity. This is being promoted enough, not only by Bill Gates, humanity must be reduced. What is hatched behind the closed doors of these criminals, who believe they are masters of the world, is not even well known to the good citizen. Wars have now been waged in all regions, many people have been bombed, shot and otherwise reduced. You were already everywhere where you justified a war with manipulation and lies. So what would be more logical than doing the reduction in a different way, with a fantastic lie, a virus lie, now this invented virus does the work, of course something has to be helped, but that is not so difficult, because everyone believes it. Fantastic possibilities are opening up now, don't you think?

By the way, the virus names have a patent number, is that not surprising to you? Virus = patent number, vaccine = patent number. Still nothing moving in your brain? Then you are the ideal victim of these gentlemen, because unable to think logically.

The "human" do not understand the basics, namely that all states are private companies. The United States was privatized as early as 1871, and many states were privatized in one fell swoop in Europe because the European Union is a private company. All other "states" are in the hands of the financial elites and are therefore also subordinate to private interests. It is completely pointless to scold, whine or even demonstrate. People are registered private property, with an inventory number and value, but people don't understand that. The problem for the owners of the people, however, is that they no longer have an overview of the mass of human and therefore the livestock (human) should be reduced. Less livestock are easier to control.

How long will people continue to tolerate the crimes of these self-proclaimed masters of the world? How long can people be manipulated, patronized, humiliated and more? Is there still an awakening or is this species human in the end?

That humanity is rapidly becoming dumber and stupid is not only our research result, many other scientists and researchers have come to this result.

To read on the following website: https://www.scienews.com/it-s-interesting/12177-whether-humanity-is-getting-more-stupid.html "For most of human history people have become smarter. But now it's the opposite. If in the past the average IQ score has increased, now everything is going backwards and people are becoming dumber. You do not think - this is not a judgment but a fact that in many leading countries of the IQ began to decline. And at the same time, technology is becoming smarter. Scary, isn't it? But really scary is the fact that there are many scientific studies proving that the humanity is getting more and more stupid. Moreover, scientists seriously are afraid for our shared future. Does this mean that idiocracy - the degradation of the planet's population due to the rapid deterioration in the mental abilities of people - is inevitable?"

To read on the following website: https://thetruthwins.com/archives/scientists-discover-proof-that-humanity-is-getting-dumber-smaller-and-weaker "Scientists Discover Proof That Humanity Is Getting Dumber, Smaller And Weaker"

To read on the following website: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/are-humans-getting-intellectually-and-emotionally-stupid-121924658/ "In order for us to maintain our brains, we need optimal functioning of thousands of genes. Back in the day, our hunter-gather ancestors required intelligence for their ability to outwit potentially dangerous prey and survive in harsh environments, which exerted a selective pressure on the genes required for intellectual development. At this point, the researchers postulate, human intelligence probably peaked."

To read on the following website: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/people-getting-dumber-human-intelligence-victoria-era_n_3293846 "As for Dr. te Nijenhuis and colleagues, they analyzed the results of 14 intelligence studies conducted between 1884 to 2004, including one by Sir Francis Galton, an English anthropologist and a cousin of Charles Darwin. Each study gauged participants' so-called visual reaction times - how long it took them to press a button in response to seeing a stimulus. Reaction time reflects a person's mental processing speed, and so is considered an indication of general intelligence.

In the late 19th Century, visual reaction times averaged around 194 milliseconds, the analysis showed. In 2004 that time had grown to 275 milliseconds."

And many other publications of relevant studies.

So there is a reason why almost all of humanity believes in this invented and staged virus theory, humanity actually and demonstrably lost its mind. You and you yes, and you too, who believe this virus-staging and all the other manipulations and deliberate lies, so you can't help it. You are just too stupid to find out. But for us it is therefore completely pointless to try to teach you knowledge, because you cannot process it. The few people who could keep their logical thinking, feel like lepers under all the stupidity and want to save themselves and their children from the progressive stupidity, please click on "THE RESCUE ISLAND" above. We help you.

Last statement to an unteachable, stupid species

The President of Tanzania seems to be the only correctly thinking head of state in this manipulated world, because he saw through this game and says it publicly.

All other heads of state do what they are told, because they are all puppets of the interest groups that keep this production going.

We also checked alleged corona deaths. Most of them were old people, for example end-stage cancer and even an accident at work, and everyone went to the corona statistics. Did you know that in 2020 fewer people died of a respiratory illness than in previous years without a pandemic? Amazingly, isn't it? But nobody bothered to research it, thinking is sooo hard.

But we don't actually have to talk about it anymore, because an invented phantom and a stupid species that can be programmed with all this nonsense are not worth sacrificing your own lifetime. Why a manipulated mass is no longer able to think logically is beyond comprehension.

According to theory, a virus should be in the nano range, but still carry a protein molecule. However, a protein molecule is a macromolecule, not even a micro, and certainly not in the nano range. It would be like putting the moon in a handbag. Now this has even caught the eye of these constructors of this lying story and that's why we are now talking about a protein shell that a virus is supposed to bring with it. So a shell of a protein molecule, did the molecule go swimming, took off its coat and the virus stole it? Then the size of the protein shell would still be too big for this cute thing virus, which is supposed to be in the nano range.

The constructors of this virus theory have been in need for decades, because on the one hand these people have to keep the virus as small as possible to justify the fact that a virus cannot be shown because it is so tiny. On the other hand, such a virus must have some content that can be used to explain that it can infect and reprogram our cells. However, this content is many times larger than such a tiny one. For example, you can make genes visible, as well as protein molecules, which are macromolecules, so huge compared to an alleged virus. That is why the virus has grown in size in recent decades, from what was once supposed to be only 20 atoms in size to what is now supposed to be up to 800 atoms. Of course, still too small to be able to carry genes and proteins. These virus constructors are therefore constantly in need of being able to logically justify all of this. Now the time has matured so far that even atoms can be made visible, but a virus still cannot. However, there is no need to give an explanation, because it has now been established that humanity has become so stupid that this question is no longer asked.

How resistant is this humanity to reason? How stupid is this species human to actually believe all this nonsense? This species must be unspeakably stupid.

The same applies to the genes, of which a virus is supposed to bring two to three, this statement always fluctuates. However, a virus is said to be only as large as a maximum of 800 atoms, this statement always fluctuates. In the past, the size of a virus was specified with only 20 atoms. But a gene is made up of hundreds of thousands of atoms. So as if you were trying to put the moon in a handbag. Roger that? Probably not.

Something as small as a virus that is said to be in the nano range cannot have all of these biological components. There are many more facts about the impossibility of so-called viruses, Latin poison. It's more of a poison to the brain.

Now we keep getting news with the question of how teething problems develop. Apart from the fact that we have published this several times, it is irrelevant to the fact that viruses simply cannot exist. There is no either or, there is biology and nature and there is nothing illogical in it.

Another example of manipulation, greed for profit and great stupidity: Many still know the so-called smallpox vaccinations, which was a hit in my generation. But this smallpox vaccination was not a vaccination, a small scratch was made in the skin and then a slight acidity was applied to the wound. There was an inflammation that then scarred, so these fake pox scars are slightly oval, just along the scarring of this small cut. Smallpox, by the way, is round, and the scarred pox is also round. Why should a smallpox scar form at just the place where the skin was scratched? It's all so big a scam that you want to scream, but the masses of people believe all this nonsense that only serves one purpose, namely endless profits.

We receive emails saying that a Redeemer is coming and we should trust God. Not only is this the standard excuse of cowards, we do not belong to the livestock of others, we are self-determined and self-responsible people, we do not let anyone decide about us, neither a person, a group nor a god. Incidentally, all these religions and the belief in a God are the perfect prerequisite for controlling people, but this primitive species does not notice all these controls.

Science and medicine have deteriorated into an unscrupulous business whose sole interest is profit. But also supposedly helping people, like all these many alternative medicine, complementary medicine, healers etc., work for money. However, all of these will never understand what illnesses are, what causes illnesses. Above all, these people will never understand that nothing can be done to the organism to cure a disease. Since the beginning of mankind and every other living being, nature has automatically protected organisms. People are equipped with a perfect system, the immune system that has protected us for thousands of years. It was only since the invention of materialism and especially since industrialization that the organism became sick and became increasingly more sick. Again, it is clear: the causes are concerned, as long as these have not been eliminated, diseases will continue to increase rapidly. But unfortunately hardly anyone understands it.

As long as the topics of health, medicine, research, etc. are commercialized, not only will nothing change, it will be far worse and worse and worse. However, man has become so manipulated that he has moved so far from a natural life that he is simply no longer able to grasp it. The current situation cannot prove this better.

We, the free doctors and scientists, have tried to help people regain their health apart from dependence on commerce, we have tried to educate. But this human species prefers to believe in mass manipulation. The following quote from Gustave Le Bon's quote is very apt: "The masses have never thirsted for truth. They turn away from the facts that displease them and prefer to idolize the error if it can seduce them. Whoever knows how to deceive them easily becomes their lord, whoever tries to educate them always becomes their victim." Nothing needs to be added to this statement.

This human species is unable to see this world in real terms. This human species has managed to destroy both this planet and itself. So is there a more stupid species in the universe? Hardly likely!

"Nothing is more difficult and nothing requires more character than being openly opposed to your time and saying out loud: No." Kurt Tucholsky, writer 1890-1935, a clever man!

Are you of the opinion that you are not a farm animal of self-proclaimed gentlemen? I definitely have to disagree, because where do you live? They live in a human farm with overseers who call themselves government and the farm owners what they are in the background and call themselves masters of the world.

This world is dominated by mafia structures, whether all these organizations such as UNICEF, WHO etc., whether governments, offices and authorities, are all just the money collectors, manipulators and lackeys of the interest groups that have made themselves the masters of this world. What is the people, i.e. the common people? It is the stupid livestock of these self-proclaimed gentlemen who can be talked into any nonsense, such as that oil is a fossil raw material, that climate change threatens our earth. What threatens our earth is a completely unscrupulous and illogical species called human. The seas are contaminated, the drinking water is contaminated, the forests are dying, the air is contaminated with heavy metals and chemicals etc. etc.

But this stupid species can be controlled with a spell, this spell is called materialism, just money. As if you hold a carrot in front of the donkey and can thus get it to run in any desired direction, people do the same, they can be driven in any desired direction like a donkey. The difference is, however, the donkey knows its limits, humans do not, it can even be killed with many tricks such as pharmaceuticals, vaccinations against non-existent, poisoned drinking water, poisoned food, etc.

This human species is probably one of the most primitive living beings in the entire universe. Animals on our planet are not as stupid as this humanity.

And now I've really had enough of this stupid human species. This species of man can be talked into any crazy nonsense and believes everything the manipulators put in her brain.

There was a Hollywood film in my youth that had the theme that an alien species manipulated humans' brains in such a way that all people, like remote control, only listened to the commands of a source. This film comes to my mind again and again today, because that's exactly what I now see in real life. The only difference is that no extraterrestrials control it, as a self-proclaimed elite that sees other people as property. The precarious thing is that this species behaves exactly like the stupid livestock of these elites.

This human species has become so stupid that I no longer count myself to this species. I no longer declare myself to be a member of this stupid species. It is thanks to this stupid species that a dark and lawless future is coming.

The few who are still reasonable and think similarly, please contact us. These people like to get all the information, backgrounds, truths and more, but only in person on our island, where we like to expect all those who are still reasoned, i.e. the large minority. To do this, click The rescue island above.

I am excited to see if there is still intelligent life on this planet.

I now give up my public education attempts and do not invest a second of my life time in this species whose dissolving neuronal connections of the brain do not allow any more logic to be taken up anyway. My colleagues are doing the same.

Prof. h.c. Dr. mult. Johann Menser and colleagues

Modern human
Modern human

Some questions:

  • Why does human always want a head over himself?

  • Why does human believe that he cannot live independently?

  • Why did human put his life in the hands of criminals?

  • Why did human give up personal responsibility?

  • Why does the human follow the instructions of others who take away his self-determination and freedom?

  • Why can human no longer live in peace and harmony?

  • Why does human believe everything from his masters and denounces his neighbor to these masters?

  • Why does man believe every claim made by his masters without evidence? For example, it has been known for a very long time that petroleum is not a fossil raw material, but rather a hydrocarbon compound that constantly pushes upwards from the depths of the earth. It is the same with this virus theory, it is an unproven claim, but humans do not require any evidence. Conversely, the masters of man believe nothing at all without proof, certificates, confirmations, stamps etc.

  • Why do human have their brains washed by interest groups that exclusively exploit, lie and use them?

  • Human, why are you no longer able to observe, grasp and draw logical conclusions from it?

  • Why did human lose consciousness?

  • Because man is a stupid species incapable of living?

  • Human, you can tell us that?

We receive many emails from people who agree with us, but still these human do not step out of this human farm. What's behind it? No other living thing behaves like this.

Human, throw away the TV and start thinking and acting independently. Or do you like being a slave to certain interest groups?

And when do you wake up and start using your brain?

We are happy to help people who are still people, i.e. the thinkers who want to free themselves from this slave life. But only those who want it. Only the curious, who lack the will, should not contact us. We only help those who really want to get out of this system and want to live as free and self-determined people. Do you want that? Then contact us here.