Corona Virus Fakts

This entire corona staging is an insult to the intelligence of every scientist! But unfortunately to 99.9% of scientists have sold themselves.

Biggest, worldwide field trial and preparation for much worse

For the current occasion, we would like to deal with this corona virus, which the so-called good citizen hardly understands.

We were very shocked at how many people around the world simply believe this both biological and physical nonsense. But that also showed us how much this once intelligent species has already developed back into something that only works and accepts everything. Logical thinking is obviously no longer available to this human species, so what is this Corona Virus?

A statement by Dr. mult. Johann Menser (Specialist in cellular biology and immunology):

"There is no virus, point. Do you disagree? Well, on the one hand it's not about opinion but rather about facts and on the other hand the invitation to show a virus after all. Have you ever seen one? No, not these colorful graphics and computer animations, a real virus. If you can, there are 500 thousand dollars, so half a million, waiting for you. The "International Medical Association", which we are affiliated with, advertised this sum for showing a virus in a microscope, after all, atoms can now be made visible, then a virus shouldn't be a problem. Why has nobody ever wanted to earn this sum, including nobody from the World Health Organization? The word Venenum - Virus comes from Latin and means in English: Poison. It is a poison, a poison to carry out senseless but profitable vaccinations from which 20 million children worldwide die every year, a poison to stir up fear, a poison to undo human rights, a poison with which economic and political goals are enforced and a poison that apparently annihilated people's brain.

These are the facts that should already be enough to get you thinking, but no, people are treated like stupid cattle, locked up at home, forced to keep their distance from their spouses when they go out and so on. Now the absurdity goes so far that you want to scream, these lunatics actually say that this corona virus has a color.

The colors of plants and animals can be created in two very different ways. On the one hand through dyes or pigments, on the other hand through special structures that selectively reflect the light, mostly in combination with black pigment to absorb what is not reflected.

It takes carotenoids or a metabolism to produce colors, for example bile pigments, Nymphalidae etc., certain proteins or the Tyndall effect, but this requires light, again loud: it needs light! Microbes do not live in the light, have neither a bile metabolism, nor color molecules, nor reflection balls or plates, nor any color pigments, which would then be bigger than such a biological nonsense called virus. So has all of science and even schooling been completely lost? From now on, a biologically impossible construct will be served and everyone believes in this unspeakable nonsense? What has happened to this world, a nerve gas released worldwide that has contaminated all frontal lobes. Science is dead, all those who call themselves scientists who propagate this virus nonsense are obviously brain-dead. Has the whole world lost its mind? Obviously yes. That goes beyond all Hollywood films on the subject. The only virus that obviously exists is one that has destroyed the human frontal lobe, because humanity is obviously no longer able to think logically. It can no longer be the same planet on which once intelligent life existed. How can a supposedly intelligent being be persuaded of such a biological nonsense and accept all of these violations of human rights and that in masses. It has now been scientifically proven that the IQ value of humanity has dropped by an average of 20 points in the past 40 years. This means that mankind will have reached primates in another 40 years. That means that mankind will have reached the IQ level of primates in another 40 years."

We can assure you that this Corona Virus is a pure invention for the reasons mentioned. But people die from this virus, you might say. No, no one dies from this nonexistent virus. The deaths preceded by symptoms that are now attributed to the alleged virus have not increased in the slightest compared to previous years, it is now only attributed to this false virus. In Europe, more than 260 people die every day from treatments of this "health" system. It is similar worldwide, now just some of these many dead are simply blamed on the virus. See how easy it is to manipulate people. Do you know how this alleged virus is tested in humans? Very simple, people hold a laser temperature measuring device to their heads and those who are at a slightly higher temperature have the virus. So if someone suffers from a simple cold, is now the proud owner of a virus, isn't that fantastically logical?

Can't there be such a big lie? Oh yes, it is not the first and will not be the last. But does the World Health Organization say it? Yes, but WHO is paid for by the pharmaceutical industry and is a child of the UN, which in turn was founded by the Rockefeller consortium. The world is different than you might think. But people can be manipulated very quickly and well and because it always works so well, all of these manipulations are continued without hesitation.

It's one of the biggest Trojans and one of the biggest lies of the millennium, but it works for more than 98% of people. Don't be manipulated, think about it.

A pleasant side effect is only the increased chance of imposing a worldwide vaccination requirement and all these puppets called heads of state will allow it. Democracy? No, dictatorship of industry, so fascism!

One thing can be stated very clearly in this constructed pandemic: The intellectual level, i.e. the level of education, of the people is very deep. Many people wear these textile masks, even mandatory in many countries, but these masks are pointless. The theory of viruses says that viruses should have a size in the range of nanometers. This means that these viruses, if they actually exist, can very easily go through these masks with every breath. Things that are so small, in the nanometer range, can also go directly through the pores of the skin, into the eyes, into the nose and so on. Nobody can protect themselves against such a small thing. People would have to go into a hermetically sealed room that creates excess pressure inside. All of these measures are not only senseless, they are also very ridiculous. Obviously, people no longer have a minimum of knowledge, as this virus experiment has now clearly shown. However, this experiment also showed that it is possible at any time to direct all people worldwide in any direction.

This decline in the mental level of mankind is confirmed by our scientific research from 2017. In this study, we found that the intelligence of people around the world has dropped by 20 IQ points in just 40 years. If this development continues, it can be assumed that mankind will have dropped to the level of primates in another 40 years.

We have examined the reason for this regression of intelligence very carefully. The result of this scientific investigation can be requested here.